March Learn to Row!

We see you there. Yes, you. Lurking in the shadows, watching the boats come off the water, or fly across the bay as you take your morning stroll. We see you there, wondering what it would be like to row. We know you've heard about rowing/had friends that rowed in college/always thought it looked like a fun workout/always wanted to try it/miss it from when you were young even though it's been years and you aren't sure you could do it any more/love team sports and wish you still had a chance to do them as an adult.

We see you, and we want you to join us!

There is a Masters (that's adult women) Learn to Row session at the end of March, and we want to see you there! We can't say it enough - you! Yes, you! We want you!

You can find out all the details (date, cost, time) here, and read some FAQs about us and our programs over here. And of course if you have questions at any time you can contact us here.

In a nutshell, Learn to Row is an introductory rowing program that is designed for women of all ages and experience levels who are looking to start rowing or to get back into rowing. If you've never rowed before, that's okay! If you've never done a team sport before, that's okay too! If you haven't rowed in years, you guessed it, still okay! Our LTR program will help teach and build rowing basics, as well as help you start rowing with our Masters team if that's something you decide you'd like to do. Once you're part of our Masters program, there are regular novice practices for newbies to continue that learning process. No one expects you to go from Newbie to Olympian in a handful of sessions, we promise.

Still feeling anxious? Don't worry, you're not alone.

Literally: you won't be alone.

Figuratively: everyone you'll meet in our boathouse started somewhere, and many of them (myself included) started in a Learn to Row class!

Here are some of the basic requirements to row with us:

- You must be a woman. (We're a women's club. Sorry, fellas.)

- You must be able to swim, and have the certificate to prove it. (Don't worry, it's easy enough and there's more information in the links above).

- You must be able to lift 40 pounds over your head and carry it across a beach. (We need to know you can carry your fair share of the boat from the our boathouse right on the beach to the water, and help put it away when we're done. Rowing is all about team work! And taking care of equipment.)

- You must have a positive attitude and a sense of adventure. (Okay, this may not be an official requirement, but we think you'll find that both go an awfully long way toward making your time with us more fun!) (They make life in general more fun, too.)

That's it for now! Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns. The people you will meet that are working with you on Learn to Row are all volunteers, except for the coaches. That's how much we want you there (yes, you!), and how much we love meeting new people and bringing them into our beloved sport. We sincerely hope to SYAZ (see you at ZLAC)!

PS - Are you wondering what to wear? We understand. We recommend you wear snugly fitted clothing so that there's less of a chance for material to snag on riggers (we'll teach you what a rigger is), oars, and other gear. Pockets should zip shut, and clothes should be worn snugly-fitted against the body. Think spandex, yoga leggings, athletic tops, and the like rather than big baggy t-shirts, loose hoodies, and sweatpants. Or just poke around the site for team photos to see what the rest of us wear! SYAZ!

Caitlin Hannah