Plyo what now?

Hey Masters! Have you heard of Plyo Fridays?
Have you heard of Plyo Fridays and thought 'what the hell is Plyo Friday and what does it have to do with me?'?

Wonder no more!
Rowing is a wonderful, full-body sport, but that doesn't mean rowers don't benefit from cross-training. Keara F., who recently joined us, noticed that while we erg and row and stretch together, there was an opportunity for cross-training together as well. She ran it by the coaches, and BOOM, Plyo Fridays was born!

(One more thing to love about ZLAC: everyone brings different strengths, fresh viewpoints, and enthusiasm for what we do. Does it get better than that?)

Currently on Friday mornings there is no coached rowing, but at 5:15 you can join Keara and whomever else shows up for a quick set-up and warm-up, followed by the workout at 5:30.

In Keara's words:

"Plyometric workouts focus on using quick and explosive moves with maximum power to strengthen your muscles! It is a high intensity workout that incorporates a combination of stretching and contracting your muscles! Most Plyometric (or Plyo) workouts focus on your lower body for power, strength, balance and agility (how convenient for our wonderful sport!). However, in our Friday morning's we like to add in a little bit of core and upper body work to really round out workout!

Our Plyo Fridays generally consist of 9 different stations set up in a circuit-like training. Each station will focus on a specific part of the body. We work at each station for 45 seconds with high intensity, taking 15 seconds off to catch our breathe and rotate to the next station. We do this same thing at each station until the circuit is complete, then take a few minutes rest before starting the circuit again! We repeat the circuit 4 times before calling it a day.

It really is a fun time and everyone takes each station at their own pace, so no one gets hurt."

Keara's not kidding.

This morning as we watched the sun rise over the bay, we ran the stairs, did burpees, high skipped around the room, worked on deadlifts (which Coach Chris will be happy to hear), plank toe touches, squats with tricep presses (press backs? I don't know, ask Keara!), lunges with lateral raises, and more. After some serious time off and surgery recovery, I admit I was a little nervous to jump back in. I should have known better. This is ZLAC, after all. I was, as always, enthusiastically welcomed, and right at home. Everyone really did go at their own pace, and I felt no pressure whatsoever to push myself beyond my comfort zone. (I even spent a couple of stations in child's pose to catch my breath. Judgement level: zero.).

So, rowers, come join us next Friday morning at 5:15 for a fresh challenge and a great start to your Friday. You should still be able to get your Saturday row in before the soreness fully sets in. ;)

If you have specific questions, Keara is happy to answer them directly. Please email or chat with her - or contact us and we will put you in touch.



Caitlin Hannah