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Hey, have you liked us on Facebook yet? We're pretty active over there, and it's an easy way to keep up with upcoming events and what's going on in the clubhouse.

If you've missed it, here's some of what we've been chatting about lately.

Plyo Fridays are still going wonderfully! If you haven't come down to join us yet, be sure you do. Look at what you're missing!

Beast mode: ACTIVATE.

Beast mode: ACTIVATE.

Coach Chris has asked that, ideally, we get in four workouts a week: two on the water, one on the erg, and one cross-training session (LIKE PLYO). You don't even have to think about it! Sign up for regular practices, Monday erging, and Friday Plyo: Easy peasey, lemon squeezey.

Starting May 3 and for four days only, Crew XI is sponsoring an online silent auction featuring getaways, activities, and original artwork - such as the incredible oil painting below, of rowers on the bay at last light - and a quilt in ZLAC colors! More items are being added, so check back often via this link, and send in your bids starting May 3!

Have you heard about the Erg Run Ride relay we have coming up on May 7?

Teams of 3 will be simultaneously erging (at ZLAC), and running and riding (at Fiesta Island) - and you can be one of them! Or you can spectate, eat, and drink. What's not to like?

Speaking of like, do be sure to like us on Facebook. (See what I did there? Gotta bring it full circle.)

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