Mary’s Dream Beach Wedding at ZLAC Rowing Club

Finding an affordable San Diego beach wedding destination that also includes spectacular views can be difficult. But for Mary Coleman, it was an easy decision. She imagined her July beach wedding to be warm, intimate, and include a beautiful view while also being affordable. When Mary later visited ZLAC Rowing Club, she found all of those things.

Mary was drawn to the many features that make ZLAC such a special place. She loved the boathouse decks overlooking the water, the historic brick patio, the grand fireplace, the picturesque tree draping over the patio, and the handcrafted gate made from real rowing shell oars. Every detail included in the clubhouse’s design complemented Mary’s handpicked decorations, thus creating her dream beach wedding.

Mary describes the day of her wedding and reception to be “perfect” and “very special”. With help from the ZLAC wedding coordinator, a caterer was recommended and everything was organized with ease.

Hand-made wooden oar gate opening up to the ZLAC Rowing Club patio.

Hand-made wooden oar gate opening up to the ZLAC Rowing Club patio.

“The caterer and I were all on the same page. Everything I had asked for and requested was done that way, and I even made some last-minute changes that happened exactly how we wanted. It was beautiful and exactly how I envisioned it.”

On the day of Mary’s wedding all 75 guests gathered in chairs on the sand, surrounded by one of San Diego’s most adored views, to witness the bride and groom declare their love for one another.


After the ceremony, the wedding party and guests proceeded to the reception area where tables were decorated with conch shells, white flowers, and blue accents to complement the overall beach theme. Plates were filled with fish and tri tip, and then for dessert guests enjoyed a delicious bananas foster as the sun set on beautiful Mission Bay.

Mary is just one of many brides who has experienced her dream wedding at ZLAC Rowing Club. When it comes to making a bride’s vision come true at ZLAC, there are no limits, only possibilities.

If you want to learn more about how to book your dream beach wedding at ZLAC Rowing Club, please contact our amazing staff today!