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ZLAC Rowing Club is located on beautiful
Mission Bay in San Diego, CA.  

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ZLAC Rowing Club

1111 Pacific Beach Drive
San Diego, CA 92109 USA

Clubhouse: 858-274-0661
Boathouse: 858-274-7826


Board of Directors


Louise Keogh, XII

Past President

Bev Beattie, XI

Vice President/Rentals

Lynne Thompson, XI

Recording Secretary

Kip Gontang, XI

Corresponding Secretary*

Fran Abrams, XIII


Sue Wills, XI

Ways and Means*

Jen Bloomquist, XIII

Membership Chair

Kate Rossi, XIII


Junior Advisor

Lori Carpenter, XIII

Crew Coordinator

Cissy Wolfe, XIII

Athletic Chair

Allison Komiyama, XV

Boathouse Chair*

Adrienne Brian, XII

House Chair*

Heather Coe, XIV

Garden Chair*

Nancy Wahl, XIII & Peggy McKeon, XIII

Social Chair

Alison Herr XIV & Heather Stone, XIII

Eight Oars Editor*

Susan Patch, XIV

*positions to be slated in September 2017