ZLAC’s Garden Has New Life!


Part 1 of the Garden Project is complete! Here is what has been done so far:

In the Garden:

  • Cleared out all dead/dying plant materials.

  • Poured the concrete pad for the storage sheds.

  • Replaced the concrete surface between the two parking lots and installed a drain to prevent standing water there.

  • Replaced koi pond pump and filter and moved them to the back side of the pond.

  • Re-sodded the grass around the koi pond.

  • Repaired leaking and extraneous plumbing on the north side of the kitchen.

  • Installed irrigation lines.

  • Corrected electrical problems.

  • Placed all new topsoil.

  • Planted all new plants.

  • Poured concrete curbs.

  • Added walkway lighting.

On the Patio:

  • Replaced the steps leading from the terrace to the patio, and from the apron to the patio to ensure that they are all the same height.

  • Poured concrete benches along the west boathouse wall.

  • Enclosed the storage space under the boathouse stairs.

  • Replaced the fence near the foot washing area and rehung the oar gate on the new posts.

  • Replaced the brick where the gas meter used to be.

  • Fixed the broken downspouts that drain into the flower box.

  • Replaced the dying tea tree with a fruitless olive.

  • Added shade sails above the patio.

Numerous problems which needed immediate attention were uncovered during Part 1. To learn more and help us defray additional costs, visit our Garden Emergency Repairs page.

The total cost for the entire garden and exterior renovation project, including emergency repairs – what we’ve already completed and what is yet to come – is estimated to be $300,000.

Please help us reach our goal!

Contribute to the next phase

What’s coming next?

Part 2:

  • Replace broken and outdated irrigation.

  • Replace broken fencing and gates around the perimeter of the property.

  • Re-landscape the remainder of the property, including the bay side plantings.

  • Remove/restore trees that pose a hazard.

  • Address long-standing drainage issues in the east parking lot.

  • Add visible ZLAC signage.

  • Enclose the dumpsters.