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Masters Program


The goal of program is to allow each athlete to develop her potential. We value:

• Competitive experience
• Fitness and strength
• Rowing skills
• Self-esteem
• Teamwork

Our coaches endeavor to train every rower to reach her full potential, regardless of her initial level of skill and/or fitness. Rowing builds strength and fitness which in turn leads to a more positive rowing experience for all. All rowers are encouraged (but not required) to participate at the competitive level.



Inexperienced rowers are asked to complete a Learn To Row class prior to their participation with the team.

ZLAC also welcomes experienced rowers in the Open Age Group (18 – 21 yrs.) and in the Masters Categories (21+). All rowers may be boated for regattas after two months of participation with the team. The coach will individually assess new experienced rowers and will take into account prior experience, including on-the-water observations. Coxswains are welcome to begin working with ZLAC at any time, at no cost.

Our hope is to encourage women athletes to continue rowing beyond college by offering them excellent coaching and a team experience.

All rowers must fill out the ZLAC Waiver before being allowed on the water.  


Rowers are identified for participation in regattas based on interest and skills. Some competitions will include a variety of line-ups composed of all interested rowers, while others, identified as select regattas, will be comprised of the most strategic line-up.

Interested rowers should indicate the regattas in which they would like to participate. Prior to signing up for a regatta, rowers should consider the following:

  • Commitment to attend practices (often including extra works-outs)

  • Availability (work/vacation schedules)

  • Positive attitude and flexibility (any boat, any seat, anytime!)

Boat line-ups are generally determined 2 to 6 weeks prior to the event and practice together. Rowers not participating in the competition continue to come to practice for a regular coached workout.



  • Members Quarterly Coached Fee: $240

  • Non-members Quarterly Guest Fee: $355

  • Dedicated coxswains are exempt from fees.

  • ZLAC members pay applicable annual dues.

  • Discounted coaching fees are offered for rowers under 27

Quarterly fees are paid in .Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct. Fees can also be paid monthly ($90/members or $130/non-member).
For more information about rowing fees, please contact us.



We have the opportunity to practice 5 times a week on the water:  

  • Monday through Thursday from 4:50 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

  • Saturdays from 8:15 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Mondays and Wednesdays are usually technique practices and are open to everyone including our novices (this is how our novices transition into the coached rowing program). 

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are practices geared towards our intermediate and advanced rowers. There are Friday practices that focus on erging or are for sculling and small boats practice. 


Coaches & Board

+ Chris Shannon, Coach

A member of ZLAC since 2003, Chris first started rowing at the Mission Bay Rowing Association and has always been a club rower. Shortly after learning to scull, Chris was invited to sweep row with SD Police Crew, USD women varsity, and then MBRA Competitive Women’s team. She raced for over 25 years, winning gold medals at Women’s, Masters and FISA nationals in all rowing disciplines. Chris has taught rowing for MBAC and SDRC, coached at MBRA, and with UCSD Women’s Crew. She has run many local regattas, served on SDCC and MBRA Boards, and has been a USRA Referee for more than ten years. In 2014, after retiring from finance, she started to coach at ZLAC. She is very excited to be working with a great club and wonderful women.


+ Kelsey Taylor, Masters & LTR Coach

Kelsey started rowing her junior year of high school in Virginia. She continued to Washington College in Chestertown, MD, where she rowed DIII varsity for two years. After graduating from Washington College she rowed with Chester River Rowing Club and Prince William Rowing Club. Kelsey started coaching in 2009 for C.D. Hylton High School in Woodbridge, VA. From 2014-2016 she was assistant women’s coach at Westfield High School in Fairfax, VA. Kelsey has been with ZLAC since summer of 2016 and is settling into Southern California living.


+ Allison Komiyama, Athletic Chair

Allison started rowing as a Junior at ZLAC in 1995 and was part of the competitive team through all 4 years of high school. She continued rowing for a brief stint at the University of California, Berkeley, during her Sophomore year. She took a rowing hiatus from 2002-2012 as graduate school and her career took her to Philadelphia, Washington DC, and San Francisco. She ended up back in San Diego in 2012 and fell back in step with ZLAC and its Athletic programs. She rows with the Coached Masters program and fiercely loves ZLAC Rowing Club.



+ I'm a male, can I row at ZLAC?

Sorry, we are a women's rowing club! However, we have one open water double that is available for men to use with a ZLAC member.

+ It’s raining, do you still go out and row?

Yes — we row in the rain! Learn To Row classes meet as scheduled, rain or shine. If severe lightning, fog, wind, or storms are present, rowers will not be permitted on the water. Instead the class or practice is moved into the boathouse where we can get a workout on the ergs or using weights.

+ I’m coming to row at ZLAC, what should I wear?

We recommend you dress in layers. San Diego can be cold in the early morning or after the sun sets. Dress appropriately for the weather, including a windbreaker if necessary. It's easiest if you are able to shed layers quickly as you begin to warm up. Your rowing clothes will likely get dirty and wet. Your outfit should be comfortable and snug. It should allow you to move freely but should not be baggy. Be sure to bring socks with you to wear once the boats are launched.

+ Where should I park?

ZLAC has a small parking lot that is for rowers and club members only. If your car is left in the lot past practice times and is not recognized by the resident manager (or there are no ZLAC stickers present on your car), you may be towed. When the lot fills up, there is always free street parking within the surrounding blocks. Please do not park in the lot if there is a black and yellow checkered flag at the entrance to the lot (this means there is an event at the clubhouse).

+ Can I rent your clubhouse for my wedding/party/memorial/event?

Yes! ZLAC is located on Sail Bay on the north shore of Mission Bay in beautiful San Diego. Our clubhouse offers a unique setting for your next event. The clubhouse, built in 1932, is a traditional Craftsman style designed by Lilian Rice with a unique redwood interior, historic rowing decor, and a scenic view of Mission Bay. More info here.

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